Buying Program

At we have relationships with reputable soccer retailers located all over the world.  We have been working with many of these companies for close to 20 years. We typically receive shipments from overseas weekly. If you are searching for an item that is not readily available here in the USA, we are happy to add an item to one of our incoming shipments.

  • Save on the high costs of international shipping for a single item.  We’ll charge your for USPS First Class postage ($3.95 for a single shirt or jersey).
  • No worries about unexpected import or customs invoices.  We will be paying the import and customs fees (if applicable) on our incoming shipment.
  • Many times we can charge you the same price that the retailer has posted due to discounts that we have worked out with our retail partners.
  • We only work with retailers that sell official and authentic merchandise.

How does it work?  Fill out the form below.