About Us

SoccerStore.com was established in 1995 as the online outlet of The Soccer Store, a retail shop located in Warren, New Jersey (USA).  The Soccer Store, which opened for business in 1989, had established itself locally as one of the best sources for soccer apparel, equipment and footwear – but has also developed a niche market for official jerseys from teams all over the world.  We developed a network of partner shops and suppliers in order to provide our customers with jerseys from teams that were not readily available here in the USA.  Our online soccer shop, or “internet catalog” as it was called back then, was the first soccer catalog to go online…yes, we went live before Eurosport launched soccer.com!.  This is what we looked like back in early days of the Internet…

The Soccer Store catalog as it looked in 1996.

SoccerStore.com from 2000

While our business has evolved and undergone many changes over the years, we are still owned and operated by the same family and remain committed to offering our customers the widest selection of officially licensed jerseys sourced from around the world.  Today we operate as both an online retail outlet and marketplace.  We have a network of over 30 partners located around the world, so we can provide our customers with a wider selection than otherwise would be possible.  We only work with reputable shops and suppliers.  We “shop test” all of our partners hops to ensure they can provide a high level of customer service and their products are authentic.  If a partner items is posted on our site, you can feel confident in buying from that partner.